This morning's DokiSuta was centered around Kanata and Chiaki, discussing their characters. I can't speak Japanese, so I couldn't exactly understand everything, but I did end up checking to see what others said was mentioned in the video ;;

What I really lost my mind over, though, was the relationship charts!!!! The translation below was by 310mc!

The Oddballs and their bond means the entire world to me, so seeing them listed so affectionately on Kanata's relationship chart made my heart feel so warm TTT all of the Oddballs charts so far has had them listed as inseperable friends, which just- i love them a lot...

AND.... the deranged MamaP in me just... seeing Kanata and Madara's relationship be labeled so lovingly... special person?? cares for deeply??? They love each other so much and it makes me so happy, especially since their relationship became so strained at some point. It makes me unbelievably happy to see how much those two mean to each other TTT and of course, Kanata's relationship with the marine bio club and RYUSEITAI are incredibly imporatnt to me too.

Chiaki and RYUSEITAI's relationship charts are also on 310mc's page, so please go check there if you would like to see them! Overall, the charts made me smile and tear up just a little...!!!!!

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