oh man. oh man. they finally added my favorite enstars!! idol story to english: dolphin song, the story where madara and kanata hang out at the aquarium :-) it's such a silly concept, but the story is just so.. cute?? to read.. considering the years of history between these two and how strained and damaged their relationship became in recent years, it's nice to just read a wholesome story where they tease each other and just act like normal friends...

the choice of the english team to translate "gorotsuki" into "rascal" is just SO funny to me.. normally, fans translate kanata's nickname for madara into "rogue," or other harsh words, since kanata is usually pretty mean to madara [albeit lightheartedly!]. but rascal is just such a goofy thing to call someone else.. it makes the story feel so much more ?? friendly?? i couldn't stop smiling while reading it. their bond is something unique :-) it makes me happy how much they care about each other.

update [2.19.23] went back to reread the story, and they retranslated "gorotsuki" into "hooligan"! more accurate, still pretty silly..

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