a few days ago, following the end of Tetora's center event, new RYUSEITAI visuals were announced because the event was a "power up" event.. and OH MY GOD im so normal about them (lying).

theyre all soooo cuteeeeeee... look at how smiley they all are TwwwTT. even midori, notorious for his upset expression, has such a happy face!!!!!!! and the new outfits are so cute, easily my favorite of all of the ryusei uniforms through the years!!!!

AND LOOK AT HOW PURPLE THEY ARE?? I know purple is usually Tetsu's second color since black is really dark, but a crazy part of me is hoping that it has something to do with RYUSEI Purple. Mama was really important to rst after all!! (i'm a deranged MamaP)

I also can't. stop. looping the event song. Colors Arise is in the top ten enstars songs EVER. Both of Tetsu's event songs were actually so good?? Ryusei Hanabi is another favorite of mine.... shh I know this is a Kanata lovemail section but I love Tetora so much too.. my fish wife and cute tiger son

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