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hello..this website is very much a work in progress at the moment. feel free to stick around and see how it goes!

browsing the internet!!


cool sites!

my favorite neocities site!!! go check it out!!

super cool personal site run by a vkei fan :)

hobby site with lots of resources for animanga fans!!

ATLAS of Plucked Instruments

all in the name :) learn about plucked instruments from all over the world

useful Japanese-English dictionary

Every Noise / The Sound of Everything

every genre of music you could think of

to do list:

finish writing loose ends on the about me page... and finish up this one shrine.. and start the other two.. and start up a blog soon enough..
in the meantime look at this funny button i made!

update log!!

- got the blog page up and running :-)


- working on some new pages!!

- reworked the index page!

- finally made a new about me page!

- been doing some minor changes all week. working on a button!

- added my shrines page :) its basic but it works

- finally fixed my index nav!

- added stuff to the index!

- added the ilomilo shrine! i dont have a shrine page yet

- added the about page!

- update log started!