Interests time. Okay!!!

let's just start with the basics. click on each general header and i'll start getting into specifics i guess lol


i like to say i listen to most genres of music. i enjoy most music, except, EXCEPT, euro house/dance. its the only genre i cant stand in the slightest. that, and whatever the hell it is that The Chainsmokers make. anyways, though, enough talking about what I hate, let's talk about what i like!

i fucking LOVE japanese rock, and a lot of its different subgenres, and a lot of genres that are barely even jrock like "blissrock" or whatever. i lose my shit over kawaii metal especially, but i love most genres of jrock. and i also LOVE visual kei, and i adore jpop. and if you, websurfer, like jrock, or jpop or vkei or anything else, id LOVE to exchange music recs sometime. here's a playlist i made that's just a dump of jrock/vkei/jpop ive found/enjoy :-) and below ive linked some of my favorite albums/singles

of course, i don't only listen to japanese music. like i said, i enjoy a bit of everything! below are other albums/singles that ive found myself enjoying, not in any particular order.

Video Games

considering the the theme of my website, is anyone surprised with this being here? no. not at all.

saying i like video games is probably an understatement: i LOVE video games. they changed my life, but that's something i'll talk more about somewhere else. i like video games of all genres, from sandbox, to (J)RPGs, to FPS, rhythm and mobile games, side scrollers and shoot/beat em up games, story games and games with shit stories and games that make me cry, all sorts. only ones i dont like are RTS tbh, those bore me. i like almost everything else tho!!!

i played whatever was on the xbox 360 when i was a young child, or i just watched whatever my dad would play, and eventually as i got older, i started to get into other indie or miscellaneous games i found. below are some of my favorite titles !!

+ a lot more!


i actually used to not be much of an animanga enjoyer, and NOW look at me. i prefer to read manga, but i also enjoy watching anime too! i tend to like 90s/00s seinen (as shitty as it can sometimes be), shoujosei, occassionally shounen. i used to hate slice of life because i thought it was boring, but now i appreciate how peaceful it can be—iyashikei is one of my favorite things to watch when im feeling down. here's a link to my MyAnimeList if you want a more in depth look at some of the animanga i consume or plan to consume!!

anime and movies



i fucking love vocaloid! duh. i dont know how long ive been a vocaloid fan, i first learned about it back in elementary school i think? my favorite vocaloids are MAYU, Iroha Nekomura, and Yuzuki Yukari. my favorite UTAULOID is Defoko :)
here is my favorite MAYU song, here is my favorite Iroha song, and here is my favorite Yukari song. and as a bonus, here is a Defoko song i like ;)

More to come soon! when i.. remember my other interests lol