MyFigureCollection Exploration

While incredibly bored yesterday, I decided to hop on myfigurecollection and browse around until I found anything cool. I thought some things were interesting enough so I decided to keep track of em here!!

click the images to be taken to the item listing on mfc!

2wink Notebook-Type Smartphone Case / 2wink Headphones

These two items were what inspired me to even look through mfc at all, so I have to mention them here!! Both based on the idol unit 2wink from enstars, they're just .. so cute?? The color scheme on em is just so pretty... the Hinata and Yuuta art on the phone case is adorable, and the headphone logo ON the headphones themselves made me giggle irl. I've never seen these products before, so I'm not even sure if anyone's selling them anymore, second-hand or otherwise, but lord would I love to own either of them. . .

Gokicha Garage Kit (⚠ bug girl? hover to see)

What an interesting find she was... I was fully unfamiliar with the character and her origin!!! Her name is Gokicha, she's the main character of the manga Gokiburi Gijinka! Which seems to just be a 4koma story about the life of a moe cockroach girl. Apparently there's a very short anime adaptation, which I will probably watch when I get super bored again, and if I do I'll talk about how it is. This particular gk was created by the circle GSO, and I think it's pretty charming ☆ ☆

Nemulin 1/1 Master Scale

Another pretty interesting find... A 1/1 scale doll of the character Nemulin (romanized as Nemurin on mfc), from "Dokincho! Nemulin". She's another character I'm entirely unfamiliar with, so I did some looking. Her source is an old tokusatsu show from the mid 80s created by Shotaro Ishinomori, or something. Nemulin's design is... very interesting, to say the least. I'm not quite sure what she's supposed to even be, but she's intriguing enough to look at, I guess? Hmm...

Lili Garage Kit

Figure collectors love a good nurse girl, but what about a nurse girl almost no one's ever heard of? I came across this silly gk and learned that this character, named Lili, is from the animanga series Rainbow Sentai Robin! Even better than just being a nurse is that she's a robot nurse, which is just twice as sick. This kit was made by the circle BOREDOM! The grayscale look on the picture above is super fitting, since the original media was in black and white, but the benefit to her being a gk is that she can be painted whatever color the owner wants to paint her, so long as they, you know, paint her themselves. TwT