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Welcome to WEBGORE!

this site is still very much a work in progress!! and it'll probably stay that way for a while, since i love going back and changing things all the time ☆ ☆

this is just my silly little webbed site where i talk about my interests or neat things or really anything at all . . . use the nav to explore!

psst! the links on this page are being moved!


update log!!

- got the blog page up and running :-)


- working on some new pages!!

- reworked the index page!

- finally made a new about me page!

- been doing some minor changes all week. working on a button!

- added my shrines page :) its basic but it works

- finally fixed my index nav!

- added stuff to the index!

- added the ilomilo shrine! i dont have a shrine page yet

- added the about page!

- update log started!